Bike Bell Ladybird

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Ladybird Bike Bell | Is there anyone who didn’t smile when finds a ladybird?

I’ll gladly make this one or even your own design for you!

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Ladybird Bike Bell

Is there anyone who didn’t smile when finds a ladybird? This bike bell is for all ladybird lovers. 🙂


I remember that when I was a small child, my parents used to send me to spend my summer holidays, with my grandparents, in a small village, I was fascinated about ladybirds. How friendly they look, how small and inoffensive they are. Even we used to have few lines when a Ladybird stops to rest in our hair or shoulder. We used to take it gently in our hand and say: Ladybird-bird wherever you’ll fly there’s where I’ll find my soul mate.  After that, we wait until little bug start to fly and follow it us much us we can. We used to run after it and pass obstacles just to see where it will land. Nowadays, when I see one, my mind stops a little and, for a moment, I forget the problems that surround us and I have a flash from my childhood. God, how much I miss that innocence.


Why to own a Ladybird bike bell?


When I have this bell on my bike and ride in a summer day, kinda revive that felling. That’s why I want to make this bike bell for you.

I can make this bell in many colors but, in my opinion, it is very beautiful on a medium bicycle bell, painted in green, with a grass pattern on the upper side of the bell, with 3-4 red-with-black-spots ladybirds positioned head to head, like petals of a flower.  But, of course, you can make your own design and I’ll be happy to execute it and you’ll have your own unique Ladybird Bike Bell.


Available in 2 sizes:

Medium 58mm  – with DRING DRING  sound – mounted on both sides.

Large 80 mm -with  DING DONG sound  – mounted on the left side.


Made with vegan – cruelty free materials.

Suitable for all standard handlebars.

~ Made to order ~

Additional information


White, Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow


Medium 58mm, Large 80mm


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