Custom Bicycle Bell – Special Order




Custom Bicycle Bell

What “Custom Bicycle Bell – Special Order” means?

This kind of Custom Bicycle Bell orders is also available. You came with an idea or any sketch, photo and we will put it on a bicycle bell for you. You can describe in few words what do you want (bell size, upside colour, downside colour, design size and colours). Also, you can point us to a website where you found your desired image.

“Custom Bicycle Bell – Special Order”  making process?

We will send photos with our work in progress and you will tell us if you like it or you want something a bit different. Only when you’re completely satisfied our work will be done. We will make the shipping package carefully and beautiful so, if you want to offer it to someone as a gift, you will have to do nothing more. Also, you can specify the address and we will send it directly. All of this after you’ll see and approve all the photos sent by us with bell and package.

This bells, from the photos, were made on oversized ding-dong bells (80mm diameter) painted in two colours pink and white. We use, for our custom bicycle bells, a professional painting method with a clean, smooth, fully coated substrate that has a hard, durable surface. Also, the material used for creating the design is very resistant in time and it has some elasticity. Moreover, can’t be broken easily and doesn’t fade in sunlight.

The price for this kind of bells will be established by us and agreed by you before we start to work.

Dare to test us and we will pleasantly surprise you. You will be the owner of a unique custom bicycle bell or you can make a very special present for somebody. As well, we wont replicate you special bell without a prior approval.



Available in 2 sizes:

Medium 58mm – with Dring  Dring sound

Large 80 mm – with Ding Dong sound – only for the right side.


Suitable for all standard handlebars.

All made with cruelty free materials.



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