Cupcake Bicycle Bell for Cupcake Lovers


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Cupcake Bicycle Bell

Who doesn’t like cupcakes, right?

This cupcake bicycle bell is here to remind you that. We like many kind of sweets not only cupcakes. Riding our bikes often, stopping to rest a bit, we fill like our blood sugar was low so, we decided to make our pit stops near bakeries where we can easily fill our belly with cakes. That was when we started to test which cake looks better on a bicycle bell. Most of them are looking good but cupcake looks very good. Next day we started our work. Everything was fine until we arrived at the point where we had to make the perfect frosting swirl on top of the cake and in the same time had to be strong and resistant. And we did it but, this will be our little secret J.

As we can see from our clients feedback and from the demand of these bells we come to conclusion that this is our Number One bell, until now, in a tight competition with Chic Poppy Bell, Dog Paw Bell and Sunflower Bell.

Colours of Cupcake Bicycle Bell

We made it in many combinations of colours until now but most often cake was brown with vertical stripes of beige powder and the frosting swirl white or pink with cherry or a slice of lemon on top. As about colour of the bell we used in 90% of the time white. Anyway, you can choose your favorite colours and we will make a preview photo with your bell to see how it really looks and if everything is ok we start to work. You can put on top of the cake a strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, cherry, slice of lemon or orange, coffee beans, flowers or anything you think it will look good for you or for the one who will wear it.

cupcake bicycle bell models

Enjoy your rides and make them sweeter than ever!

This Cupcake Bicycle Bell can make everyone happy.


Available in 2 sizes:

Medium 58mm  – with DRING DRING  sound – can be mounted on both sides

Large 80 mm -with  DING DONG sound  – can be mounted on the left side


Made with vegan – cruelty free materials.

Suitable for all standard handlebars.

~ Made to order ~


Additional information


White, Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow


Medium 58mm


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