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Colors available for Bells

For the moment you can choose from this colors: White | Black | Brown | Red | Blue | Green | Yellow


Colors for Bells

About color from our bells

Base paint and color – First layers of color applied to entire bell

These are the colours available for the moment. Soon we will have the possibility to paint our bells in pastel colors but, until then, please choose one of the bells from the photo. Keep in mind that bells are painted in a factory with very high standards and with qualified personal so the paint is very resistant in time to weather, scratches etc. Is the same technique used to paint the frames of the bicycles.  We want that our clients to be very satisfied and to come back to our shop to make many orders and to recommend us to their friends.

Colors from the upper side of the bell – From which is made the design

When it comes to this, you can choose any color you want. If you want on your bell colors from your bike, it’s good to have a photo with your bicycle, made in day light.  If you show us one or some colours that you would like to be applied on your bell it’s best if you have a photo with those colors. It may appear a slight difference between real colors and photo  from computer settings, type of display, quality of the photo and so on. Until now we didn’t had any problems but we also try to avoid us much as possible.

As I said, you can choose any color/colors for the upper part of the bell and if you want to be glossy or mate also. You can come with your own design or even with a sketch and we will put it on a bell for you and, before we finish the work, we will send some photos and discuss together what needs to be modified to fulfil your  demands.

To see which colors go together you can go here.

For any questions you can contact me here.

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